How To Make Sloe Gin!

You will need:
- 350g sloe berries
- 175g sugar (ideally caster sugar, golden if you have it)
- 1 bottle of Bronte Gin

How To Make Sloe Gin!

Step 1
Rinse the sloes and pat dry. Using a fork or cocktail stick, prick the sloes and tip into a 1.5-litre glass jar or divide between two smaller jars.

Step 2
Add the sugar and gin, then seal. Shake well. Once a day for seven days, give the jar a good shake. Store the jar in a cool, dark place and leave for two to three months.

Step 3
Line a plastic sieve with a square of muslin set over a bowl and strain the sloe gin through it. Decant into clean, dry bottles, then seal and label.

Step 4

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