Our Gins

Our gins are crafted with care in the heart of Bronte Country, using high quality botanicals and our own unique natural mineral water. The water falls as rain onto Haworth Moor, the original home of the three Bronte sisters, and then filters through the underground strata before emerging in our distillery site many years later. Check out our Bronte Gin and the range of Yorkshire Lass gins, developed in partnership with Spirit of Bronte Drinks.

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Bronte Gin – 45% ABV

Crafted with care in the heart of Bronte Country, Bronte Gin has a wonderfully clean taste, complemented by citrus notes and a smooth finish. Serve with a premium mixer of choice.

Garnish – Sage & Lemon


Yorkshire Lass Strictly Rhubarb - 40% ABV

Not too sweet but with a definite rhubarb flavour balanced alongside a smooth hint of juniper. A premium or slimline tonic makes an ideal choice to compliment this gin and savour the rhubarb.

Garnish - Rose, Ginger, Strawberry & Raspberry

Yorkshire Lass Orange & Lemongrass - 40% ABV

Sweet orange notes perfectly balanced by a hint of Eastern lemongrass and a big hit of juniper. Pair this with an orange or elderflower tonic to enhance the citrus flavours.

Garnish - Orange & Ginger


Yorkshire Lass Citrus S’up - 40% ABV

Surprisingly smooth London Dry Gin tastes just how it should, with apparent juniper and underlying citrus. Pair with a citrus flavoured tonic to add a little extra zing!

Garnish - Lemon & Pink Peppercorns

Yorkshire Gin Bronte Brambleberry

Yorkshire Lass Brambleberry - 40% ABV

This gin has overt flavours of raspberry, strawberry & cherry which makes a straight premium tonic a perfect pairing for this fruity medley.

Garnish - Rose, Strawberry & Raspberry